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Term Art Classes


"Drawing is the process of the thinking eye"




This term focuses on drawing from technical to gestural, and then to Accidental Art.We will be using a variety of mediums including oil pastel and water colour to loosen up and to have fun with, while we learn about proportion, scale, angles and tone. There are 10 sessions for term 1. Starting Tue 31st Jan  - Sat 8th April. Cost $450. All materials are included in the fees.



Watercolour means freedom of line and shape and brilliant colour! This forces students to go with the flow. So what if it dribbles and bleeds and you loose control of that line and shape. It is the process that will take you on a journey with your art. We will draw inspiration from an eclectic group of shapes to draw from. Mediums are inks, watercolours and brushes.There are 9 sessions for term 2. 

Starting Tue 25th April - Sat 24th June. Cost $450. All materials included in the fees.


TERM 3  PIERRE BONNARD - Interiors and Still Lifes

This term, students will take inspiration from famous French Impressionist Artist Pierre Bonnard, with his use of vibrant colour and his intimate interior compositions and still lifes. We will use a projector to draw from our own contemporary images that reflect aspects and elements from Bonnard's works. Mediums are chalk pastel on paper.

There are 10 sessions for term 3.

Starting Tue 11th July - Sat 16th Sept. Cost $450. All materials included in the fees.



This term students will be learning about colour and where it comes from, as well as how to see and mix colours from our palette of six primary colours. We will be using acrylic paints to learn experientially, about the different colour families with their different intensities and tones. Our last 3 weeks will be dedicated to painting an abstract painting on canvas as our final piece for the term.

There are 11 sessions for term 4. 

Starting Tue 3rd Oct - Sat 16th Dec. Cost $495. All materials included in the fees.

Art Studio 48 is a boutique art studio, which offers small classes for children after school hours and on Saturday. Each class is limited to 6 students, which ensures that each students gets maximum support and attention. Age groups are combined so that both younger and older students work side by side and inspire each other. Ages groups start from 5.5yrs through to 13yrs. Every student will develop at their own level. See the enrolment form below the timetable.

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