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Personality Street Numbers

" I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn't say any other way ..." Georgia O'Keefe

Grecian Series of Personality Street Numbers

Personality Numbers are uniquely individual. Great for your home or your business. Choose a style that you like or have your colours customised for you by Pip.

Every colour suggests different emotional traits or associations. For example, green is associated with money, health or balance. Orange is great for food, enjoyment and sport. Red is good for creativity, fast food, energetic and leadership. Yellow is also associated with quickness, stimulating, fun, mental agility, communication and the scientist. Blue is conservative, quiet, spiritual, self expression, philosophical. These are just a few of the associations of some of these colours. 

There are 2 sizes available; 23cm and 34cm. Both sizes are $100 each number. The numbers can easily be attached to wall, letterbox or fence with Sikaflex adhesive. Postage extra.

These street numbers are durable, weather resistant and the colours are non fading. Materials include ceramic tiles, cement sheeting, adhesive and grout.



As a handmade product no 2 numbers are the same. There are joins between the tiles that are  characteristic of this product. Shipping within Australia will take between 1-2 weeks, unless there is a delay due to high demand. All shipping will be by registered post Refunds are only available if the product arrives damaged.

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